The Justice Recording Label Story

Justice Recording Company & Collectable Records
The Justice Recording Company Label was formed in the mid 60’s in Winston Salem, NC by Calvin Newton.
NC/SC/VA area bands that recorded on this now highly collectable label in addition to The Night Riders are, The Tempos, The Knights 5+1, The Stowaways, The Marlboros & The Joker Six, Skip & The Creations, The Aces, The Invaders, The Starliters, The Barracudas, The Englishmen and The Phantom Raiders.
From this now, long defunct and highly collectable label comes some of the best and most sought after recordings among hard core collectors.
Justice recordings have piqued the interest of collectors around the world. Fans in Italy, other parts of Europe and Japan are trying to find original pressings of these albums, some of which have been known to bring $800 each.
Justice Records never had a hit. Indeed the tiny Winston-Salem, North Carolina, company generally issued no more than a few hundred copies of any of their releases, all cut in the mid-to-late ’60s. It was unusual for Justice to include originals in any of their other releases, as they did for The Night Riders.
Collectable Records of Narbeth, P A ( ) is proud to present these long lost recordings on remastered CDs for the first time in so many years.

Justice Recording & Calvin Newton Documentary
The Night Riders were contacted in late 2009 and asked to be a part of a planned documentary on Calvin Newton & The Justice Recording label. After many rescheduled appointments The Night Riders met with Michael Slawter and film crew to contribute their part to the project. This project is being filmed all over the United States and will include many of  the artists who got their start at this Winston Salem icon, as they talked not only to those who recorded there, but to the collectors that pay from $300 for Justice “33s” in poor condition to $800.00 for unplayed or uncirculateed albums, or albums by artist that might be more rare or hard to find.

The Videos Below Are Excerpts From Various Interviews Filmed To Document
Justice Recording & Calvin Newton

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